Physiotherapy for women

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

The importance of taking care of yourself

It is important that we know our body well and know the importance of the pelvic floor, even though it is a great unknown. I will provide you with information and help you to understand what your signs and symptoms mean. After an assessment where you will answer a series of questions, we will conduct an abdominal and pelvic floor assessment, both externally and internally, to assess the strength, tone, elasticity, the state of your organs, etc.


Women’s Health Physiotherapy

I will explain to you what is happening with your body and help you understand what your signs and symptoms mean. I will propose a treatment plan to help you regain confidence and love for your body. 

I would like you to understand that, although there are discomforts that are frequent, we do not have to normalise them, and I can help you to improve.

In which situations women's health physiotherapy can help you?

Improves pain relief during pregnancy

Physiotherapy can help relieve back pain, thoracic pain, and coccyx and rib pain, as well as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), sacroiliac joint and hip or sciatica that can occur during pregnancy.

Prenatal physiotherapy

It can also help you with childbirth: manage the physical and physiological changes that occur during your pregnancy, give you advice on how to keep fit, and treat problems or discomforts that can arise, such as swollen feet, stress and urge incontinence, or any pain relating with your pelvic floor muscles.

Ante-natal and post-natal workouts

These classes will help you be fit and exercise safely during pregnancy and after delivery. They will focus on posture, core, strength, stability, flexibility, breathing, and relaxation, depending on your stage. You will also get advice on tummy gap, how to relieve back pain, and some specific exercises to protect your pelvic floor before and after giving birth..

Physiotherapy for woman at home

If you have any of these symptoms, it is advisable to visit a professional: