Pregnancy MOT

Pregnancy is an exciting time and it’s important to stay in good health

Pregnancy physiotherapy MOT is an assessment of a pregnant woman’s physical and mental health, including her posture, movement, strength, and flexibility. It is designed to help women remain active and comfortable throughout their pregnancy and prepare them for delivery. The physiotherapist will assess the woman’s core and pelvic floor strength, as well as her posture and biomechanics. They may offer advice on how to best manage any postural or movement-related problems. They may also recommend exercises to improve the woman’s strength and mobility, as well as provide advice on how to best manage her labor and delivery.

The pregnancy MOT is suitable for women with symptoms, or for women who want a check-up with advice and preventative information, from your 12-week scan onwards. It will help to prepare you for all types of deliveries, vaginal, C-section and other medical interventions. No matter what birth you may choose or end up having, I will gladly guide you to prepare.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

What does it include?

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Taking care of you is my priority

My aim is to make you as comfortable as possible in pregnancy so you can feel confident, strong, and well prepared going into your delivery and early motherhood. As the body suffers a lot of changes during pregnancy, aches and pains are frequent during this period, such as:

  • Pelvic girdle pain (the pubic joint at the front or the two sacral joints at the back) and hip pain.
  • Lower or mid back pain.
  • Rib pain.
  • History of problems using tampons / or with intercourse which may impact labour.
  • Swelling or other circulatory issues including varicose veins.

If you are looking for a speciality that helps women and babies achieve a happier life, you are in the right place.