Baby Wearing MOT

Carrying your baby in the right way is important for their and your health

Babywearing class is a comprehensive assessment of the baby’s posture and movement when in a carrier. It is designed to assess how the baby’s body is supported and how it moves when in a carrier, and to identify any areas of concern. The assessment includes an evaluation of the baby’s posture, range of motion, and muscle strength, as well as the position and comfort of the carrier itself.

The assessment can be used to determine the best carrier for the baby and to help guide parents in making informed decisions about which carrier to use.

You can get assessment while you are pregnant, so you can feel safe to carry your baby as a new-born, or as a mummy.


What does it include?

Babywearing class

Tips for Baby Wearing

When carrying your baby, it is important to support their head and neck. Use one hand to support their head and the other to support their bottom. Make sure their back is in a curved position, rather than hunched forward. You should also make sure that your baby is not leaning too far forward as this can strain their back.


It is important to use good posture when carrying your baby. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Make sure to switch arms every few minutes to avoid straining your muscles. It is also important to adjust the straps of your carrier, or the way you are holding your baby, to ensure your baby is in a comfortable position.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that your baby is in a healthy position when you are carrying them. Do not carry your baby in a position where their airways are blocked, as this can be dangerous.

Finally, it is important to ensure that your baby is secure when you are carrying them. Make sure that your baby is properly secured in the carrier and that the straps are not too tight.

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