MOT Assessments

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Pregnancy MOT

The pregnancy MOT is suitable for women with symptoms, or for women who want a check-up with advice and preventative information, from your 12-week scan onwards. It will help to prepare you for all types of deliveries, vaginal, C-section and other medical interventions. No matter what birth you may choose or end up having, I will gladly guide you to prepare.

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Postnatal MOT

The postnatal MOT is a must! This is essential for anyone who has had a baby, regardless of the type of delivery, because pregnancy and the delivery put pressure on the pelvic floor (the muscles that support our pelvic organs and control our front and back passages). The optimal time would be past 6 weeks from your delivery date, but if your pregnancy was 6 years ago or longer, it is never too late!


Breastfeeding MOT

The breastfeeding MOT will guide you with your preferred type of nursing. Many of the difficulties present during this process may be due to intrauterine positions, to the type of labour and birth. As a physiotherapist specialised in breastfeeding, I am familiar with the management of breastfeeding and the physiology of the breast, the orofacial and cervical anatomy and the development of the baby’s face and mouth, and I can help you during this stage.

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Baby Wearing MOT

The Baby Wearing MOT is a complete guide on how to carry your baby safely: for you and for your baby. You can get assessment while you are pregnant, so you can feel safe to carry your baby as a new-born, or as a mummy.