Women and baby physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Services

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

I think it is important that we know our body well and know the importance of the pelvic floor, even though it is a great unknown.

I will provide you with information and help you to understand what your signs and symptoms mean.

Physiotherapy for babies

I will assess your baby’s motor and sensory neurodevelopment from 0 to 3 years of age, as well as resolving the difficulties that occur during this stage.


I always advise to have a baby assessment at an early age because some conditions are hard to spot for an untrained eye. There might be signs that your child has some developmental or orthopedic conditions.

Infant physiotherapy

I believe that everyone should be able to take advantage of physiotherapy’s benefits, in this case all children so that they can develop their full potential without limits.

The aim is to relieve ailments caused by growth and development but also prevents difficulties and problems that may arise in school and adulthood.

Mot Assessments

Physicaltherapy MOT Assessments are a type of assessment designed to measure the physical abilities of a baby or woman. Physiotherapists often use these assessments to assess patients’ physical abilities and provide information to guide treatment. Assessments typically include activities that test the patient’s functional motion level, strength, and range of motion. The results of the evaluations can be used to develop treatment plans and monitor progress.

If you are looking for a speciality that helps women and babies achieve a happier life, you are in the right place.