Goodbye summer… Hello mucus?

Mucus baby Phisiotherapy

Do you notice that your child doesn’t sleep well because they have a lot of mucus? Does your baby cough at night? Do you find that your baby is not eating properly?

Autumn is here, and summer has officially said goodbye, and with the arrival of the unexpected rains, snot (also called mucus) arrives with a lot of eagerness to stay for a season. It is when colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc., usually start to appear.

We must understand that mucus is not our eternal enemy. Its function is to act as a barrier against a foreign body; in other words, it acts as a protection system. What happens when there is excess mucus? Well, they prevent us from breathing correctly by blocking our airways. 

When we don’t clean babies or children’s noses correctly, they can’t breathe properly, which causes them to breathe through their mouths. This can lead to the micro-organisms that were filtering through the nose no longer doing so and entering directly into the throat, irritating it and producing mucus and inflammation. And if this barrier is not sufficient, the microorganisms will reach deeper into the respiratory system causing the same respiratory infection process with edema, bronchospasm, and mucus.

How can physiotherapy help your baby?

  • It teaches proper nasal cleansing and thus largely prevents worsening of symptoms
  • Helps to drain secretions from the airways and prevent obstruction
  • Improves children’s appetite
  • Improves children’s rest

In addition, physiotherapy is an essential complement to medical treatment, never as a substitute, if the viral process has been triggered and it is no longer just a cold. Once the acute phase of the illness is over, physiotherapy can help achieve greater effectiveness of the treatment, faster recovery, and reduced relapses.

Respiratory physiotherapy involves a series of painless and non-invasive maneuvers. It has no age limit and is recommended for all children with respiratory infections. It can be carried out from newborns to adults.


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